basic elements
Business Platform Setup
  • Company structure set up
  • Security groups
  • Locations and Territories
  • Positions
  • Assignment and reassignment of territories
  • Users
  • Contact settings
  • Business processes
  • Company information area
  • Import contacts
  • Create a structured and secure business environment with your company settings and give you the ability to change the owner of contacts easily from one user to another. If users change status with your company you can reassign that users territories (contacts) simply to the user taking over the area with assignment feature.
Analytical Calendar
  • Appointment profiling
  • Color coded analytics
  • Email contact invites
  • Auto email confirmations
  • Auto event status updates
  • Individual / team view
  • Analyze your companies day to day activity against contact or customer source, industry, marketing, stage to close, or other qualifying parameters. You can understand the true impact, direction, and vision of where your company is trying to go and the events that are making it happen with
Contact Manager
  • User defined contact settings
  • Location and territory definitions
  • Contact and Company Information
  • Linked In sync
  • Facebook sync
  • Contact mapping
  • Recent activity log
  • File upload
  • Business process user defined
  • Value tagging
  • Owner transfer capability
  • Quickview profiles
  • Dynamic searching With just 2 clicks you can load and sync your contact with Linked In and Facebook
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