Keep visibility easy offers you a simple, easy, and effective user interface to place information on contacts and customers at your fingertips quickly.
Anytime from anywhere is a web-based application. As a result critical business information is
"on demand" anywhere, anytime. Desktop, laptop, and tablet environments.
Automation tracks the activity on contacts and customers automatically. Easily upload files and add notes to a contacts history. Also use the simple social media interface to enhance your contacts profile.
Simple, easy, effective
zoes KNOWs.
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Ignite your business and launch your sales with In today's fast paced business environment companies have to be able to react quick and service better. Arm yourself with the most dynamic and intuitive CRM tool in the marketplace. From activity record keeping to automating email confirmations has it all. Try a system that has the most user friendly interface in the market today. The power of integrated social media information without burdening our users with hours of manual keying. Technology should reduce time and task not increase them.

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